University of Alberta

“What has been most impressive is the way you have engaged the staff and me in determining the best approach for meeting our operation needs. Admittedly, you are working with individuals who have not before been involved with building a system’s requirements. And yet, you have led us through a sophisticated development process with humor, patience, and generosity. Your knowledge of system is notable, but we have benefited most from your functional expertise and industry experience.”

Gwen Bauer
Assistant Dean (Administration)
Service: FileMaker®  Design

Rehoboth Christian Ministries

“Over the many years of support we are pleased to say that we have never experienced a catastrophic failure of our computer network. In large part this is due to the dedication and knowledge of your staff.”

Wally Mulder
CEO/Executive Director
Service: FileMaker®  Design

Don Carlson

“Your consultants surely know their way in this technical maze. Moreover, they are courteous, efficient, and highly dependable. I feel comfortable when it comes to selecting, implementing and supporting any component of our information technology environment. Your interest and remarkable work you extend are sincerely appreciated.”

Don Carlson, P. Eng.
Service: IT Consulting & Support