Customized Database Solutions

Software development concept green text green backgroundFrom problem definition, solution vision, stakeholders identification, requirements elicitation to analysis, development and deployment, we can help.

Databases are the most important tools companies use to store and manage information. The more versatile the database, the greater its value to the company, whether it is being used to control inventory, analyze productivity, or provide interactive solutions. No matter what you are looking for, ready made or on-demand solutions, we are here to help.


infoLink is a professional FileMaker® Pro design firm. We are expert FileMaker® designers, having designed many of databases for various industries.

We have over 25 years of experience in bringing solutions to reality.

The combination of our in depth education, significant experience with various industries and the use of a “Lean” proven methodology are definite drivers to take your data management system from vision to reality.

We use FileMaker

FileMaker® is one of the most flexible and powerful database engines in the world. 

Every day, FileMaker® Pro enables millions of people around the world to perform countless tasks and operations. 

FileMaker® Pro, a subsidiary of Apple Inc, allows you to design custom databases, providing you with a unique and completely tailored solution to match your exact needs. 

FileMaker® is so diverse it can run on desktop computers, portable computers, iPhones and even iPads.

infoLink has designed, built and implemented hundreds of FileMaker® solutions, for clients ranging from small business to institutional organizations.


Why Choose infoLink for Your Database Solutions?

  • We have the education needed to understand your business and your needs,
  • We have the certification needed to design expert solutions,
  • We have in depth expertise with so many industries,
  • We have a proven and a transparent process.FileMaker Logo (PRNewsFoto/FileMaker)