Our Process



Based on over 25 years building successful and sometimes challenging solutions, we came to the realization that there is no one development approach that fits all situations. We are proud to be a “Lean” organization and many drivers impact the way we manage projects. The ability of our clients to manage change, to absorb new technology or the availability of resources,  are all drivers that might affect development.

The following is a summary of our process.

The purpose of this phase is to understand your vision an formalize a plan to make it a reality. We will;

  • • Understand our client’s business, strategic directions and objectives for the Solution
  • • Identify people, organizations and systems (Stakeholders) that could be impacted by the Solution
  • • Determine assumptions, constrains and risks related to the project
  • • Elicit and document business and stakeholder requirements
  •  Estimate the required resources to complete the project
  • • Determine the schedule and the budget
  • • Present a Solution Plan for your approval

Deliverable: Solution Plan


The purpose of this phase is build the Solution. We will;ProcessGraph

  • •Use an iterative approach to build the Solution.
  • Each iteration is usually two weeks work, called a Sprint
  • •Assign a team to the Sprint
  • Interact on daily basis with our client to
  • Assign requirements (stories) to the Sprint
  • Detail and refine our requirements
  • Share work progress and address issues
  • Clients are welcomed during a Sprint, to join our development team
  • •Design, code and test requirements
  • •Submit completed work to our client for testing and acceptance
  • If feasible, real-life deployment
  • •Have a retrospective meeting at the end of each Sprint to assess effectiveness & efficiency of work & process
  • •Manage new requirements and significant changes by estimating impact on budget and schedule

Deliverable: Ready solution for testing, acceptance and deployment


The purpose of this phase is to deploy the Solution. We will;

  • •    Assist our clients in the preparation of the infrastructure required for the new Solution
  • •    Deploy the Solution in our client’s environment
  • •    Assist in testing and accepting the Solution
  • •    Train the trainer and/or users on the new Solution
  • •    Assist in planning and converting data from current to new Solution
  • •    Generate technical and Solution manuals

Deliverable: Deployed solution