IT Consulting & Support

About Our Services

Whether your organization is using information technology for the first time or ready to take its IT to the next level, we can help. Our passion is to provide you with a reliable computer/network environment.

From rapid response to support calls, to documenting and constant monitoring of your network’s performance, we’re able to keep your system running as it should.

Let us focus on your system, so you can focus on your business.

Outsource your IT to:

  • Focus on Your Business
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Have Access to Expertise
  • Reduce your Risk

Why choose infoLink for your IT Support?

  • We offer a unique combination of business, financial and computer skills
  • We offer access, with our strategic alliance to major information technology solution providers
  • Our support process is fully documented and accessible on our web site
  • We are non biased and use our independence to focus on your business
  • We offer user administration and end-user technical support services
  • We provide network management and computer networking on both MAC and PC.

Strategic Alliance

infoLink is a team of highly specialized professionals. Our member alliances include: