Dimension Suite

About Dimension Suite

Dimension Suite is a series of professionally developed software, intended for the general market. Dimension Suite is built using the award winning FileMaker Pro application. We have taken over 20 years of experience and customer requests and refined them into a series of software solutions for all to use.

The marvel of Dimension Suite is its flexibility. The solution can be run alone, as is, with no extra requirements for a simple operation. From there, the solution can be upgraded to work in a Multi-user environment and lastly, we offer full customization of all Dimension Suite solutions.

Currently, Dimension Suite is available in the following offerings:

Contact 2.0
Contact 2.0 is a professional tool with a flexible, customizable and intuitive interface to optimize, share contact information and track various interactions across the organization.

Donor 2.0
Donor 2.0 is a powerful, customizable and effective tool to help your organization manage fundraising endeavors. Designed to minimize the learning curve, Donor 2.0 will empower your team while optimizing your fundraising activities.

Member 2.0
Member 2.0 allows you to professionally administrate your membership data. Regardless of your organizational structure; unlock the data potential in any team, group or association. Member 2.0 is much more then simply a management tool, it is the means for further member retention and ultimate future growth.

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